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Riverina Local Land Services is a Program

Riverina Local Land Services

Started Oct 20, 2021


Full program description

Riverina Local Land Services presents two online modules for landholders seeking to investigate revegetation options or remnant protection. 
Revegetation Module
Revegetation can have benefits for agricultural activities by providing shelter for stock, reducing erosion, improving water quality, providing habitat for beneficial insects, filtering spray drift and more.
This course will take you through how to enhance your revegetation project for biodiversity, how to plan your revegetation project to suit your production goals and the different planting methods you can choose from.
Remnant Module
Remnant vegetation or bushland can be described as those patches of native trees, shrubs and grasses that are still left in the landscape.
This course will take you through the importance of protecting remnant vegetation, how to assess the condition of your site and how to improve the condition of your site.
Farm Dams Module
Enhancing farm dams has benefits for both production and the environment. The benefits arise from improved water quality and increased biodiversity.
This course will outline the benefits of enhancing farm dams for production and biodiversity, planning your project and maintaining te revegetaion of your project.