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Gateway Pests of NSW

Started Sep 30, 2021


Full program description

Each person has a duty of care to protect our environment from pests, weeds and diseases. ​

Despite all our efforts at the national border to stop the entry of exotic (or non-native) pests and diseases into NSW, there is always a chance something could still slip through. ​

Gateway pests are also known as cargo, exotic, non-indigenous, contaminating pests, stowaways or hitchhikers. These are animals (insect, reptile, amphibian, mammal, bird or fish) or diseases that have hitched a ride to Australia and are not native to, or established in, NSW​ and could have a negative impact on our plants, animals or people. 

This course seeks to raise awareness of known overseas and interstate pests that are recognised as having high damage potential if they were to become established in NSW and Australia. The learning modules  have been designed to build capacity among people working in our local council outdoor areas, environmental industries, freight and logistics supply chain and agricultural sectors as well as community groups e.g. local community gardening groups, to build networks.

The course aims to increase:  

  • awareness of priority pests
  • surveillance networks
  • reporting capacity within the community.

'Early detection and reporting are key to successfully eradicating an exotic pest or disease incursion. The earlier anything unusual is discovered and reported, the less chance it has to reproduce and spread. '

The online training consists of six (6) online modules. By completing these modules you will be trained in the recognition, surveillance and reporting of cargo pests, priority exotic plant pests and new incursion species.  

The 6 modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction to gateway pests 
  • Module 2:  Invasive ants, glassy-winged sharpshooters and pine tree pests​
  • Module 3: Exotic reptiles, brown marmorated stink bug and plane tree pests 
  • Module 4: Khapra Beetle, tomato potato psyllid, myrtle rust and exotic animals
  • Module 5: Exotic amphibians, citrus bacterial diseases and gypsy moths​ 
  • Module 6: Introduction to aquatic gateway pests

Each module consists of the following components:


  • Tutorial
  • Assessment quiz
  • Certificate of completion